Social Awareness or Scientific Research; What is more important?



Human habits concerning ‘Talking more and doing less’ are playing a key role in almost all emerging problems faced by the world today. This behavior is not according to the teachings of the Holy Quran. In Surah As-Saff Allah stated that ‘O believers! Why do you say, what you do not do?’ The Holy prophet (peace be upon Him) also advised us to keep ourselves restrained from this behavior.

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There are often many problems we face in our daily lives. Some are social, some are economical, and some are environmental and so on. To solve these problems we compile a lot of data and use it in forming a sequence known as scientific method. By doing all this we come to an eventual conclusion, which is hopefully the solution. Once we have the solution to our problem we celebrate our success by publishing the research on a few magazines. But did we actually achieve something? Not just yet.

It is seen that we often leave out the proper social awareness of whatever significant research we have done. Some say it is a tough task to convey such information to uneducated people; I completely agree, but nothing good comes effortlessly. If we are only educating the educated people, we aren’t actually accomplishing much.

The general public does not read scientific journals, most people don’t even read the newspaper, but they do have the right to know what we have discovered for the benefit of humanity. There is a great need of social awareness in our society on a vast number of topics. Yet we see very less effort on this regard and our sole focus towards attaining international popularity through science.

We are very blessed to live in a city where providing social awareness is as easy as it gets. In a small city like ours we have over 70 mosques where thousands of people come to worship Allah, five times a day. Moreover, we have a well-organized system of Jama’at in every small area. All this makes it very easy for us to provide social awareness but there seems to be a lack of interest and dedication among us. We need to step up, have some faith in Allah and move forward.

As a conclusion, both social awareness and scientific research are important. Actually they are mutually dependent; one is inoperable without the other. The only problem we face is that we put much more effort towards scientific research than social awareness. This shows that we are naïve and are desperate to compete in this world, even if we have to leave many of our own much behind. Is that truly what our purpose should be? Is that how a community works? I will leave that for you to decide.


Author: Durre Samin Tahir /Abdus Salam School of Science / Nusrat Jehan College Rabwah

2 Comments on “Social Awareness or Scientific Research; What is more important?

  1. Very good point. A lot needs to be done to pave the way for bringing the results of various researched subjects to the knowledge of common man and woman.

  2. You have touched concern in truth very practical and needs to be practiced.

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